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iBelong - Be Supported

The following on-campus and off-campus resources are to support you through opportunities for academic and experiential learning. It will give insight into the extensive possibilities for developing your skills and competence in the diversity, inclusion and belonging field.    


Each one of us talks and interacts with people on our jobs, regardless of industry. The idea that intercultural skills are valuable only in certain careers is a myth. You could be interested in engineering, international education, diversity training, mathematics, conflict mediation, social services, software development, community liaising, reconciliation management, aeronautics, counseling, language education, technology development, cultural interpretation or intercultural training. Careers in intercultural work exist everywhere as the world gets increasingly connected and diverse. The skills and knowledge gained from intercultural experiences enable you to work effectively with people from many different backgrounds and this is an asset in any profession.

If you are considering a career as an interculturalist and are unsure of what that might look like, below is a list of career options for you to explore.

Please note: This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Examples of careers when your intercultural skills are an asset:  

If you want to explore these career options further, here are some sites to guide your search:

You can use your SFU computing ID and password to gain access to career exploration websites such as Career Cruising, Roadtrip Nation and Choices Explorer through SFU Career Services.

For opportunities abroad, check out: