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The Thriving with the Health Peers team speak with Furqan from YouthCo about how we can reduce HIV/AIDS stigma as community members in our day-to-day lives.

Episode Description

On this special episode of Thriving with the Health Peers, Adrianna, Meaghan, Mia, and Tamara sit down with Furqan from YouthCO to discuss HIV/AIDS and how YouthCO is working to reduce this stigma. Thank you so much to Furqan for joining us!

YouTube Timestamps:

0:00 Introduction

1:04 Who is Furqan and what is YouthCO?

3:28 Terminology regarding HIV/AIDS

7:03 What does U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) mean?

10:56 What is PrEP?

13:24 YouthCO's Programs

20:28 How can Positive Youth get in touch with YouthCO?

21:30 How SFU students can help address stigma that Poz Youth face

26:04 Volunteer opportunities with YouthCO or similar organizations

33:41 Conclusion

Originally published on the SFU Health and Counseling Youtube Channel on June 1, 2021.

Participants and Contributors

Beyond the Podcast

  • Check out YouthCO's website, a youth-led coalition that seeks to reduce stigma related to HIV and Hep C. 

  • Check out the Health Peers webpage for upcoming events and activities.

  • Visit the SFU Health and Counselling social media channels for announcements, wellness reminders and more: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram: @sfuhcs | TikTok: @sfuhcs 

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Feb 28, 2022