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This position is really new, I’ve been a welcome leader in Surrey, and a campus editor for Liar magazine, and also did the SFU 50th fusion festival. In general I prefer temporary jobs because they allow me to be flexible and they are easier to fit into my semester schedule. Having a part time job means that I unfortunately cannot commit to long term volunteer positions but I appreciate the fact that opportunities do arise on Campus that can accommodate people like me

"Welcome day was my most memorable volunteer experience. I remembered a time, just recently in 2014 when I was intimidated and scared. So I figured I’d try to volunteer as a Welcome Leader at SFU Surrey because it’s smaller and is way less pressure." When I began here, the team leaders helped me a lot and gave general feedback on being a student. So since then I have led a bunch of people.

After the tours people are normally super grateful and once in a while I encounter someone in the hallway later who will remember me, continue to look up to me, so its really nice when that happens.

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May 15, 2016