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Mubarak Adebowale

SFU Student Undergraduate
Communication, Art + Technology
Co-operative Education
Position Title

The start of my university at this prestigious institution Simon Fraser university was very rocky being a new international student. This was due to the change of environment from Nigeria to Canada while studying a new curriculum which my transcript can be a testimonial to, but I overcame my struggles and became hungrier for success which has put me where I am today. I plan to use the same motivation to drive me in my first work placement as I am currently in a User Research and Testing role for the OLC team.

I am passionate about my program (Interactive Arts and Technology B.SC) as it has taught me a lot of life skills which has impacted me as a person. Such skills include being Goal-oriented as it supports design thinking as beginning with the end in mind during projects and working backwards in them creates room for fewer errors which would boost productivity. Secondly, it gave me a foundation for aiding human use, as I plan to use the brainstorming technique and skills learnt to help the new world (global village) as we are all going to be interconnected as one. 

In conclusion, I hope to also set good examples for the next generation of SIAT students by being a role model as it doesn’t matter about how you start the journey or race like my first semester but rather how you plan to motivate yourself to come back from the Journey.  

  • Mubarak Adebowale Jun 9, 2021
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