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My decision to study at University of Nottingham in the UK was one of the most memorable choices I’ve ever made. I also love travelling, but this was my first time travelling alone, to a place I’ve never been to and know nobody. To be honest, I was very nervous going abroad because going abroad for a semester meant I had to leave my friends and families. However, I was glad I had the courage to overcome my fears and stepped out of my comfort zone.

I made friends who’ve become my best friends now and met amazing teachers as well. Going on abroad made me realise how enjoyable it is to spend good quality time with myself because you will get to know and listen to yourself more. Since UK wasn’t a big country, you can travel to many places for a short trip during the weekends. At first, I thought a semester of abroad was really long, now I think it’s really short. As Albert Einstein says, "Time flies when you are having fun".

Thank you SFU Study Abroad for providing this amazing opportunity that I will never forget.