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Even if you’re not in a super creative field, it can still be worthwhile to try out one of these tools to take your resume or online presence to the next level.

When on the job hunt it seems like a clean and simple paper (or PDF) resume just isn’t enough anymore, especially if you’re in any kind of creative field. It makes sense, if an employer is looking for someone with creativity or marketing skills, then candidates should be able to find creative ways to market themselves, right?

Even if you’re not in a super creative field, it can still be worthwhile to try out one of these tools to take your resume or online presence to the next level.


It wasn’t long after Pinterest launched that users started using their boards and as a visual “living resume”. Boards feature links to online portfolios,  contact information, blog posts, and infographics of their skill sets. One girl even used her board to try and land a job AT Pinterest. Check out some other cool examples:


About Me allows you to create a very visual page to highlight yourself and provide links to social media accounts, websites, work projects, or whatever else you’d like to showcase. You can even embed the latest posts from your blog. Check out my page as an example.


Vizify allows you to import information from your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. You can then create a bio that includes as many highlights as you want, all displayed in a fun connective web. You can even look at highlights from your Twitter account and the keywords you use the most on social media. In honour of season four of Arrested Development, they even created a resume for Tobias.


Resunate helps you optimize your resume for applicant screening systems. These programs are used by many companies to pre-screen applications, usually searching for keywords related to the job description. Simply upload your resume and the job description you’re applying for and it will score you on how well matched the two are. With the paid version it will also offer tips to improve your score, but using the basic version you can retool your resume yourself and submit it again.

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OLC Student Community Coordinator

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