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Nina Yogesh Bhagat

Science › Biomedical Physiology + Kinesiology
Position Title

I joined the Writers’ Exchange because I wanted to volunteer in an educational capacity with kids, but I didn’t have any prior educational certifications. I love teaching kids how to read and write so this role has been a great fit for me.

The kids love the activities we do and they leave each session having learned something new so that’s really rewarding to be a part of. Some of the kids don’t have the best home situations but when they come to the Writers’ Exchange, they’re encouraged to be imaginative, carefree, and creative.

I want to work with children as part of my career, so this experience has given me invaluable experience in that realm. Volunteering here has taught me how to be patient, and how to anticipate and be accommodating of unexpected changes.

In my opinion, all students should volunteer in some way. Doing so lays an excellent foundation for both personal and career growth down the road.