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"The existence of student-led clubs, unions, and organizations on campus are often taken for granted. Joining such clubs or groups though, can benefit you more than you may realize."

Going to post-secondary is a significant jump and change in the daily life for almost every student that begins this journey. Routines are established, time management skills arise, as well as often new fears and anxieties. Making friends or connections on campus can be difficult and daunting to do, especially at Universities such as SFU, that are deemed a ‘commuter school’—meaning that most students will often have to commute long distances to get to campus or will go home straight away once lectures finish. Shy students may have even more difficulty reaching out to peers in tutorial classrooms or large lecture rooms. However, all hope is not lost!

The existence of student-led clubs, unions, and organizations on campus are often taken for granted. Joining such clubs or groups though, can benefit you more than you may realize. I make this statement from personal experience--if I never joined clubs in first year, I would not be the person I am today. Joining clubs may not seem significant at first, but once you start making a genuine effort to go to their events, or even get involved as an executive member, your world at SFU starts to noticeably grow. The clubs centring around shared hobbies such as music, hiking, or anime can aid with striking up conversations with strangers.

If you’re starting to consider the idea of getting involved in a club or organization, do not hesitate to take a walk around the club booths during this semester’s clubs days! This semester it will be held from January 15th - 18th from 10 AM - 3 PM in the North & South AQ, as well as Saywell & Blusson Halls (Note: on the 18th, it will be limited to only the North AQ). Even if you are skeptical about engaging yourself within a club, it can’t hurt to explore the options at SFU or even pick up some free goodies from tables. I have seen clubs, unions, and other groups centred around food, hip-hop, various video games, and a wide variety of sports.

It is a fairly simple process to sign up for most clubs. Subscribing to their email newsletter or liking their Facebook page can help you make those connections. 

Ultimately, the choice comes back to you. Making an intentional effort to attend club events and connect with fellow students can really make a difference in your student life on campus. The more involved you get within SFU, you start to appreciate your years here. 

This article was originally published on the School of Communication Collective Blog website on June 22, 2022.

Beyond the Blog

Groups that may be of particular interest to CMNS students:

  • Communications Student Union (CMNSU) -- The official student union to bring together Communications students through workshops, socials, and other events! Facebook Instagram

  • The Peak Newspaper--SFU’s student-run newspaper. Attend their weekly pitch meetings in their office at SFU Burnaby MBC. Write articles, have your voice, and get paid! Facebook

  • HerCampus SFU -- Media website with regularly posted articles written by college women, for women! Not only does their website have useful articles for the everyday student, but a separate section just for SFU students. You can also get involved writing for their SFU chapter. Facebook

Simon Fraser University
Teaching Assistant
I am a student completing a Master’s in Communication at Simon Fraser University, while also carrying out research and teaching assistantships. I recently completed an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Communications, a Minor in Business, and a General certificate in Criminology.
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Jun 22, 2022

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