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Get to know the ISC staff!

Jasmin (she-her-ikwe) is an Anishinaabekwe of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation and of German descent. She joined the ISC back in June as the Departmental Assistant and worked quickly to integrate herself into the ISC community. Prior to working at SFU, Jasmin spent five plus years working in the non-profit sector in a training and program development capacity wherein worked she worked alongside Indigenous communities across Turtle Island to develop in-community, play-based programs for children and youth. In addition to this, she has run her own creative consulting company for the past four years where she specializes in arts, education and project management.

"I am very excited to start my new role as Indigenous Student Life Coordinator! Since joining the ISC in June, it has been such a pleasure getting to meet students in-person and online. I would love to chat with you about any type of support you might need throughout your learning journey or simply about your favourite outdoors spaces, language learning or places to get coffee!"

Get to know Jasmin (Indigenous Student Life Coordinator) as she shares about some of her traditional wellness activities in her Staff Saturday post!

“This Sunday my perspective on wellness will be taking the form of harvesting foods that hold space in traditional wellness. As I follow the monthly calendar, I am also following the seasonal calendar that dictates times of growth and harvest. This act of collecting traditional foods, such as berries, is something that feeds my spiritual and physical wellness as it encourages me to connect with the land, move my body, as well as to reflect on teachings I’ve received over the years. In June we honour the Strawberry Moon as this medicine starts to bear bright red berries full of vitamins and minerals that help to keep our hearts strong. The strawberry (or heart berry) is representative of the woman. By harvesting this women’s medicine I’m able to take the time to reflect on how I care for my body and acknowledge my current life stage.”

How do you connect to traditional foods and/or the land?"

This Story was originally published on the Indigenous Student Centre's Instagram on June 20 2021.