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Emmanuel Tran

SFU Student Undergraduate
Science › Biomedical Physiology + Kinesiology › Biomedical Physiology

Position Title

If you’re looking for your first co-op position like I was, you’re applying to every job you could possibly be qualified for and a few that you might not be. Luckily, I found a posting for a job that I was genuinely interested in due to my personal experience with orthotics. 

As a Fitting Expert at Kintec, I have been able to help customers find footwear, braces, insoles, and compression products to help keep them active and comfortable on their feet. When customers come in for a One2One appointment with a Fitting Expert like me, they can expect to be shown one or more treatment options or recommendations depending on the their unique needs and lifestyles. 

The most satisfying part of my job has been hearing customers tell me how big of a difference I have made in the short time I’ve spent with them. Whether they just need a good pair of running shoes, compression socks, or some supportive insoles, being able to understand and help people with their footwear and sports medicine-related needs is what makes this job fulfilling and interesting. It isn’t just a simple sales job.

My one piece of advice to new hires is to not hesitate whenever you have questions. Kintec takes product knowledge very seriously, and the other staff members are understanding and supportive.