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SFU Student

“I heard that the co-op program here was one of the best, and before starting post-secondary, I wanted to make it my goal to participate in the co-op program to gain work experience. I just returned to school from participating in co-op for a full year. Working really hard to enter co-op to gain real-life work experience will help me in completing my degree, and definitely after I graduate. University is not a race to see who can graduate first, but what it is about is meeting new people, making new friends and social connections, and taking advantage of the opportunities presented to us, such as studying abroad, volunteering, co-op, being a board member, and joining clubs.” ⁣

Zaakirah Khan is a third-year Psychology Major (Criminology Minor) who recently completed a placement with the government through SFU Co-op. She has also volunteered as a Welcome Day leader and FASS peer mentor, and worked as a campus tour guide and Student Information Assistant at SFU Central.

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on November 4, 2019.