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Mikaela Engracia

SFU Student Undergraduate
Science › Biomedical Physiology + Kinesiology › Active Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy
Co-operative Education › Local Co-op

Position Title

I knew I wanted to work with children and with my past experience in other multidisciplinary clinics, I decided to pursue just that by reaching out to the best one I could find. After all, we have the power to create our own opportunities.

Now being a part of Kids Physio Group has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. From newborns to teens and each with a different story, the highest quality of care is provided for all patients and families. I've learned that it is not for the faint of heart and requires a genuine passion for the field, especially for the ones that need that extra bit of time and attention, a spoonful of patience, and a touch of love. Some children may have cancer and are undergoing chemo, others with developmental disorders, and there are those with musculoskeletal conditions... but it is a commitment that the team makes to ensure that they reach their goals one step at a time. As such, creativity and adaptability is essential to deliver care in a fun and engaging way. This is achieved by a variety of equipment such as sensory toys, balls, swings, and typical things you'd see in a playground. Further qualifications also accommodate cases such as concussions, pelvic health, and infant feeding.

As a client care coordinator, I am always often the first face they see, and I have continued to hone my interpersonal skills. Being a social butterfly has helped me build rapport with families and knowing JaneApp has assisted me immensely with my duties. I also found several ways that the government and charities provide for those that can benefit from funding and so I look to ensure families are aware of these resources. The immaculate structure and organization of Kids Physio has also inspired and improved my skills in managing my work. 

Overall, I value the dedication of all the paediatric physiotherapists as well as the client care team for creating positive experiences. Though it can be tough sometimes, watching children have fun with games without them knowing they're masked exercise is great! I look forward to making more memories and learning from the professionals in the field through my work, volunteering, ongoing workshops, journal clubs, and the next staff retreat!