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Ji reflects on his time abroad
Ji conquering new heights
@ji.yvr on Instagram
Learn what it's like to return to your studies after being on military service.

Episode Description

Welcome back to the OLC Community Spotlight Podcast! In this episode, Luis and Chelsie interview Ji, who takes us on a journey through his studies at SFU and beyond. Starting off as a film student who loved hitting the climbing wall, he found himself suddenly being thrust into military services right before a global pandemic, shaping his perspective once he returned to SFU campus.

Topics explored in this episode include:

  • A brief intro to the climbing wall
  • Moving countries and transitioning to different cultures
  • Living and working at SFU Residency
  • The Global Community Program
  • Filmmaking opportunities at SFU & Student Sets
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Life in the Korean Military and life afterwards
Participants and Contributors
Luis Arce Diaz
Content Creator

Luis Arce Diaz is a contributor and content creator for the OLC. He enjoys staying active and expressing his creativity in whatever way possible.

Chelsie Oan

Chelsie is a recent graduate from SFU. She enjoys going out with her friends and has a degree in International Studies.


Ji is a film student who enjoys putting his time towards creating video projects. He has technical video experience across multiple clubs and working on student sets. 

Beyond the Podcast

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Jun 15, 2022