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We started the Adai Network Foundation last May and we provide our members, mostly high school students, with volunteer opportunities for either us or other non-profit organizations. I am one of the three co-founders and my responsibilities include management of the volunteer team and connecting with other non-profit organizations. One of our regular volunteer opportunities occurs every two weeks; we distribute food and clothes to the homeless people around Main Street. We make the sandwiches at Tianjin Temple on Saturday evening and distribute them on Sunday. Some of the homeless people we’ve met have lost their confidence and hope in their lives, so we try to help them get back on their feet. When we first started this organization, there were only around 20 high school students, but now we have around 1000 students registered on our website. Management is definitely a tough role because I need to deal with relationships and know how to work well with my teammates. Through this process, I’ve learnt about how to be patient and respect other team members.

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Feb 9, 2018