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Beedie School of Business
Position Title

I found out about this opportunity from the Career and Volunteer Services newsletter. The event was the International Student Orientation, and I was helping facilitate the orientation. It was interesting because when I was at the event, I felt like I saw myself a few years ago when I first came to SFU. This type of event would be a good opportunity to know more about Canada, more about SFU, as well as meet other new students. I also volunteered at the International Services for Student’s office for three weeks. Since the Exchange and Study Abroad shared the same office, many people came to ask about that as well. They heard that I just got back from an exchange so they were all interested in hearing my experience. We shared stories and it was a very rewarding experience.

Some of the skills I learned while volunteering include public speaking, the ability to adjust according to the situation, as well as being able to talk to someone and know what their problem is. Also, volunteering allows you to challenge and improve yourself. Most students would probably feel more comfortable volunteering on campus. However, there are a lot of opportunities off campus or even abroad. Sometimes I find that a lot of the students that I talk to don’t know how to get involved. I think posters around campus, Facebook event pages, and school websites are helpful sources to learn about good volunteering opportunities.