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I’m a member of the SFU Autistics United. It’s a club for people with autism, autism related disabilities, and other disabilities as well. I’ve worked with club members to put on informational workshops, so that people at SFU can better understand autism and the autistic spectrum.

My most memorable experience with this club was at last year’s workshop. It was really well-attended, and we had a lot of people there asking really good questions – particularly around the challenges students have getting accommodations and how they can perform better in class through accommodations.

Through this club, I’ve learnt just how wide and varied the spectrum is, how different everyone’s individual characteristics are, and the importance of treating persons with autism as individuals first and persons with autism second. There’s no such thing as a generalized understanding of autism; if you’ve met a person with autism, you’ve just met that one individual with autism. I think the thing I have found most encouraging about this club is just how reliable and hardworking these students are. They make me optimistic about the future.

SFU Alumni
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Jun 27, 2018