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SFU Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
Web Designer + Multimedia Assistant
SFU Communications Co-op Student

Until now, I have worked in WIL for almost two years. In Spring 2020, I started my first co-op work term here. That was the first time I walked out of the classroom to a real workplace and applied my design skills and knowledge to real-world stuff. It was not like how I had done in previous course projects, here I was going to design something that would be faced to the public. So in the beginning, I was so nervous as I was afraid of failing to complete the task. Fortunately, my supervisor always gave me helpful guidance and encouraged me to express my idea. Gradually, I built up my confidence and thus became more courageous to present my design to others. 

Meanwhile, when I was working in this position, I was not merely asked to do what I had learned in class, and instead, I was allowed to try something new that was not taught in the classroom, such as email marketing or campaigns. Apart from the technical stuff, I also had gained important soft skills when working with people, like cross-departmental communication. I was so happy to develop myself with these abilities. Doing co-op not only fulfills my skill set but also enhances my understanding of my strengths and shortnesses, and thus I will be clear about what to do next in my study journey and career path.