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SFU Co-op Student
strings of different country flags hanging across buildings

Want to know what it's like travelling to a different country for your Co-op journey? In this three-part series, Carlie shares her experiences teaching English in China and Thailand. Aside from Carlie's work and volunteering, she spent a great deal exploring the beautiful landscapes of both countries, learning a lot about the culture and herself. Read more on Carlie's journey to Thailand and China as she shares these co-op stories! 

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Mar 8, 2011
image of Thailand's temples
Carlie's Adventures in Thailand

She has travelled and worked in countries around the world. Now, follow Carlie as she reflects on her experience teaching English in Thailand and as she begins her work term at CIBT School of Business and Technology in China.

two skeletons standing side by side
Chinese Mummies and Elves: How I Brought the Holidays Home

Carlie's homesickness inspires her to bring in some good ol' Canadian Holidays during her work term in China.  Come join her group of scary ghosts and sparkling angels to help her feel more at home.

Kite Festival
Carlie's Adventures in China

Communication Co-op student Carlie Thauvette arrives in Weifang, China to start her fist week at CIBT. Read more about Carlie's experiences settling in and getting into the swing of things living and working in China.

Terracotta Warriors
Working and Playing in China

One of the perks of working internationally is travelling internationally! Read more about Communication Co-op student Carlie Thauvette as she and some other Co-op students take a break from their work term at CIBT to travel to some of the cities outside of Weifang, China.