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"While completing my undergraduate degree at SFU, I had the opportunity to assist with various projects at the Adolescent Risk and Resilience Lab and at Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services. These experiences solidified my research interest in youth justice and allowed me to work closely with researchers within the field. Given that I had such a rewarding experience at SFU, I chose to continue my education in the Experimental Law and Forensic program.

I’m currently involved with the Adolescent Risk and Resilience Lab under the supervision of Dr. Jodi Viljoen. My research primarily focuses on adolescent offending, and in particular, the use of violence risk assessment tools with BIPOC youth.

My advice to students trying to get into psychology graduate programs is to get involved with a lab as early as possible! Volunteering at a lab is not only essential for obtaining research experience, but also for developing your own areas of interest and determining whether psychology grad school is a good fit for you. Moreover, be sure to show initiative and willingness to take on research tasks as this may open you up for opportunities such as conducting your own independent research projects (e.g., directed studies, honours), and co-authoring presentations and publications."

Shanna Li is a first-year Law & Forensic Experimental Psychology Graduate student.

This story was originally published on the SFU Psychology Instagram on May 11, 2022. 

SFU Student
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May 11, 2022