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Navya Malik

Communication, Art + Technology
Summit Peer Leader
Position Title

I volunteered as a Summit Peer Leader and it was a great experience. The program started this summer and currently, it’s still going on. It helps high school students to choose their future paths, and also shape their university experience. When most people come to university, they care more about their grades. We tried to make the students understand that university was also about exploring yourself, and it was really cool that they were already understanding that message. When we were introducing them to the opportunities at SFU, they seemed eager to try and be a part of so many different things. SFU has a lot of possibilities for students, and you’re not limited to a specific faculty.

I’m in the Communication faculty, but I also seek opportunities from other faculties, which has broadened my horizon. At first, I was expecting this experience to be very different. As an international student, I didn’t go to high school in Canada. I found out that high school students here are actually very welcoming and sweet. In addition, this experience also helped me to find out more about my own school. I’ve been in SFU for two years, but while giving campus tours, I learned that there are still so many interesting places and resources that I’ve yet to discover.