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The Student Experience Initiative is for students to develop projects and working groups that they can implement throughout the year. They’re going to have their own groups, and leaders who help facilitate; but what we’re doing is to help develop all of that. I won’t be in a working group but I will be the one to help them navigate things. We’re working on developing possibly a street walk, just finding people on campus and getting their opinions and a general sense of what the students are wanting, or how they’re feeling on campus, so we’re trying to make a committee of students that represent different interest levels.

I’d say the biggest challenge was learning to be patient. There’s a lot of things you want to instantly implement, but the best ways to do that sometimes take time. So, it taught me to be open minded, patient, while still having the energy necessary for a successful event. I’m good at making ideas but a hard time organizing my thoughts. So, this experience has also taught me about logistics and collaboration. Find something interesting that you want to volunteer in. Even if you can’t, any opportunity is a good opportunity as it can teach you about yourself and your work ethic.