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Health Sciences
SFU Student
Story Faculty

Exposure to this large network of people in the social enterprise/innovation space and mentorship opportunities were really valuable – the instructors were such good mentors. Enhancing skills in Change Lab went beyond the more traditional improvement of written communication skills. What I learned to like about Change Lab, was that it went beyond academic skill-building through to personal growth. The emphasis on personal growth during the program was really important because I feel like many projects lack empathy – especially ones that tout sustainability or community-focus. The fact that they were honing large aspects of that was really important to me. It was such a great experience! I made so many friends and became close with so many of my classmates throughout the semester. I still meet up with my group every now and again two years later.

I work in research now and Health Change Lab taught me how to interview people – which greatly benefits me in my work right now. The program also helped propel me to where I am in my career now. I’m starting occupational therapy school this year and I talked about my experience during Health Change Lab in my applications for grad school. I talked a lot about interdisciplinary team work, as those are really big things in my field of interest. They must’ve liked my responses because I got in!