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Beedie School of Business
Position Title

I moved here about two years ago, and I wanted to make some new friends, so I joined Alpha Kappa Psi. As the president now, I make final decisions, oversee the executive board and make sure they’re heading towards the goal that we’ve established for the semester. Some of the events we’ve held for our members include LinkedIn workshops, resume workshops, mock interviews, and case competitions.

When I was the head of the social committee, I did all the social events. I remember the first social event we did; it was a picnic on Campus. At the beginning I was afraid that no one was going to come, but on the day we had almost all of our members turn out and we played games. It was rewarding to see everyone come, get together, and have a really good time.

I started off in this club just as a general member, moved through a few positions, and made my way to president. It’s nice to see I can progress within the organization, and I’ve made some fantastic friends since joining this club.

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May 7, 2018