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Interviews for an international position can be unique.  The employer has the responsibility to not only determine if you are a right fit for their role and company, but also determine if you can easily transition to a new cultural environment.  The questions that they ask will likely go beyond those asked in a traditional interview to ensure that you would be a good candidate.  Visit the below categories to see a sample of international interview questions.  Please add your tips and comments on your international experiences, in addition to questions that you have been asked during an international interview.

Research a country in advance to prepare for your interviews:

International Working Conditions


Employers will be evaluating you ability to adapt to different and difficult working environments as you will likely be exposed to hardships while working closely with your new colleagues.

How do you plan to adapt to the working environment and culture abroad?

When asking this question, the employer is in fact asking:
Do you have the maturity and understanding of how different life will be outside of Canada? Have you given going international sufficient consideration?

Answer Tips

Answer Tips

You may want to show your maturity and preparation by pulling your answers from previous experiences, be it adapting to another culture while traveling, adapting to life in a new city, or adapting to the pressures of university. Examples of challenges you faced and how you personally adapted to overcome them and succeed are excellent evidence of your maturaity. 

Have you had experience working with colleagues of a different ethnic background? What were the challenges? Benefits?

The employer is looking to see that you are comfortable working with people from different backgrounds.

Answer Tips

What working conditions do you anticipate will be different in another culture?

This question seeks to determine your level of preparedness for the interview and your ability to immerse yourself in a new culture.

Answer Tips

Tell us about your previous international volunteer or work experiences.

To determine if you have already experienced working internationally, and how you adjusted to a new work environment and culture.

Answer Tips

What qualifications/skills do you possess that will assist in your transition to working internationally?

Answer Tips

Give me an example of a time when you had to adapt to a new and challenging environment.

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