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Interview Question Database

Skill Specific

Skill specific questions are asked to determine if you have the knowledge and skills to sufficiently perform the required job. When answering skill specific questions, demonstrate that you are capable and the best fit for the job.

Work Management and Performance


Employers are interested in determining if you will be able to keep with the organization's productivity demands while working under pressure to meet expectations. The best candidates will be ones who can meet deadlines and performance outcomes successfully even under stress.

  • Have a list of previous experiences where you bounced back successfully from a challenges faced in the workplace.
  • Be able to respond to questions about meeting deadlines and expectations by highlighting your personal management skills.

Please provide examples of meeting deadlines successfully.

Answer Tips

Give me an example of a situation where you showed strong multi-tasking ability.

Answer Tips

Can you share a time when you had a challenge in meeting a deadline?

Answer Tips

Tell me about a time when you were under enormous pressure. What was the source of the pressure and what did you

Answer Tips

Think about a recent project you were assigned. How did you go about managing your time and organizing the project?

Answer Tips

If we talked to your former supervisor at _______, what do you feel he/she would say about you and your performance?

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