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Gracy Gandhi

SFU Student Undergraduate
Communication, Art + Technology › Contemporary Arts › Visual Art
Study Abroad › Field School

I adored this opportunity to study abroad in Berlin and I’d love to engage in another soon! The relationships I made on this trip were incredible and life changing, and I can’t wait to see the impact of this positive experience on my career and educational journey.
Experience Details
Introduction + Preparation
Previous Experience

I had travelled to Europe prior to my Berlin Field School while I was still in high school. This past opportunity made me familiar in regard to how I should take care of myself and my belongings in cities popular among tourists.

Preparation Tips for Future Students

Besides packing the essentials in your luggage. If this is your first time travelling and living abroad, I would especially recommend sharing your location with your trusted peers, if you should get lost and have no access to data or wifi. 

During my Experience
Learning and Adaptation

This study abroad experience was my first step to live on my own. Which meant taking care of everything from my nutrition, health, and more on my own. Fortunately, I had a roommate who loved to cook healthy meals. It’s important to remember to keep yourself nourished, and eat a healthy diet, especially when visiting a foreign country. Lack of sleep and improper nutrition could potentially lead to sickness, and prevent you from enjoying your trip abroad to the fullest. 

Accomplishments and Challenges

Engaging in a solo adventures while in Berlin is when I gained the most confidence. After I was more familiarized with the area and transit system I ventured off on my own and engaged with people I otherwise wouldn’t have interacted with if I were in a group setting.

Reflection & Tips

I cannot recommend studying abroad enough to any student considering it. My time in Berlin enhanced my independence, while broadening my understanding of western art and culture. Travelling will teach you new perspectives of thinking and help you unlock your independence as a young adult. 

Most Valuable Aspects of This Experience

The most valuable aspects of this trip have to be the friendships I made. The network I built abroad is something I have continued to nurture. I hope to work with my new friends, all of whom are in creative fields, upon return to Berlin. As I continue to explore and develop my artistic practice. 

Connection to Academic Studies or Career Goals

Berlin Field School helped me realize the potential and access to art I could have in Europe. This study abroad experience has inspired me to pursue my future creative career and studies in Europe!

Advice for Future Students

I strongly advise students to seize the fantastic opportunity to study abroad. Any location you choose will transform you, helping you gain access to potential and skills you may not have thought you had.