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Working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries provided me insight and helped me establish valuable connections, which will play a role in furthering my career.

As I near the end of my fourth co-op and final semester at Simon Fraser University, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and accomplishment. I cannot help but reflect on the journey that brought me to this point, and I am filled with anticipation as I contemplate the future.

After numerous sleepless nights spent working on my resume and cover letter, I finally succeeded when I was selected for my first position as the Marketing Research Assistant for the Beedie Cooperative program. This role opened numerous doors to other co-op positions. I had the opportunity to work as the Marketing Coordinator for British Columbia School Sports, Brand Marketing & Social Media Assistant for the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association, and the Marketing Analyst for Ancillary Services at Simon Fraser University. I acquired professional skills and strengthened my understanding of marketing as a field of focus. I maintained a varied and dynamic marketing career path, with each role providing new learning opportunities and unique challenges. I cherished each opportunity by approaching it with a curious and open mindset. Within these co-op opportunities, I remained committed to maintaining a strong work ethic and passion for continuous learning, allowing me to thrive in these positions.

During my time in these roles, I achieved four key accomplishments:

  1. I developed mental health initiatives to support SFU students through the changing academic year caused by the pandemic. I took pride in contributing to the student’s overall well-being by helping them navigate different challenges.

  2. I developed a content calendar for all the sporting championships while increasing public attendance through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. These social media posts generated excitement for teams and viewers by developing compelling content and visuals.

  3. I managed a $6,000 budget to help twelve small businesses by executing marketing campaigns through Adobe Creative Suite. These campaigns enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement for the companies.

  4. Through market research, I developed a Destination Activation report for the 2027 Burnaby Mountain Gondola to identify eight engagement tactics that will enhance the overall experience at Burnaby Mountain for its visitors.

Working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries provided me insight and helped me establish valuable connections, which will play a role in furthering my career. Throughout this journey, I recognized the importance of prioritizing my mental health and wellbeing. I took proactive steps to manage overwhelmed feelings, such as going on walks, meditating, and working out. It was essential to set boundaries and take breaks to prevent burnout and maintain the work-life balance. I gained personal and professional growth, marked by learning opportunities and moments of discovery. I am eager to utilize my skills and embark on my next life chapter.

SFU Student Undergraduate
SFU Co-op Student
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Oct 19, 2023

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