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I’ve been pretty interested in the conservation of Pacific salmon for a while now. When I stumbled upon a social media post that featured a Watershed volunteer who was advocating for one of their initiatives on Parliament Hill, I knew I wanted to be a part of their efforts.

I’ve found that some environmental activism groups can be somewhat extreme in their rhetoric and tactics, so I appreciate that the Watershed Society’s goals are both reasonable and attainable. In my opinion, every volunteering effort counts no matter how small. I like that this organization is making a real difference regarding the protection of wild salmon. It’s so rewarding to contribute to those efforts. My role is a nice mix of event operations, community engagement and habitat preservation.

British Columbians can be pretty opinionated about salmon fishing in this province, so I’ve learned a great deal about how to communicate effectively with those who disagree with me while working with the Watershed Society. I’ve also learned a lot about how scientific evidence influences policy-making in this country, which I’m sure will continue to be of considerable benefit to me as I go forward.