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I started my MA/PhD studies in Cognitive & Neural Sciences at SFU because I was fascinated by this thing called ‘attention’: How can we, at one moment, hold a conversation in a noisy environment with minimal difficulty, and at another moment have trouble seeing something that is right in front of our eyes? As it turns out, Dr. John McDonald studies that using various electrophysiological techniques in the Human Electrophysiology Lab! ⁣

At HEL, we use electrophysiological markers to answer questions regarding fundamental psychological processes such as attention. I am currently studying the automatic and controlled processes that underpin visual search and how these processes predict behavioural differences across individuals. What I enjoy the most about my studies is being able to take part in cutting-edge research and being the first to discover something that other experts have yet to learn. All of this possible because of the supportive and collaborative environment of the Human Electrophysiology Lab.

Daniel Tay is an MA/PhD student in the Cognitive & Neural Psychology graduate program at SFU and lab member in the Human Electrophysiology Lab.

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on January 28, 2020.