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Ekamvir Kaur

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences › Population and Public Health

Position Title
Experience Faculty
My overall work experience has been a great learning opportunity. I would recommend the Career Boost program to all my fellow peers who want to learn and gain valuable work experience at SFU.
Experience Details
Introduction + Preparation

One day I was going through my email and I saw the Career Boost program promotion in the weekly student newsletter. I read all requirements, it stated that the program is for international students who are graduating soon and want to get some work experience. The work offered was part-time and I thought it would be perfect for me as I was also enrolled in classes. This program was offering me work experience with no costs and enough time to manage my class work. Therefore, it was a perfect opportunity for me.

Previous Experience

I had good customer service experience working in retail. I also volunteered on multiple occasions, but I did not have any experience working in a professional environment. As a soon-to-be graduate student, having no professional work experience in my own field was adding to my anxiety about what I would do after I graduate.

Preparation Tips for Future Students

This program is an excellent opportunity for international students. If you are ready to give your full commitment to the program, it won't disappoint you. 

During my Experience
Orientation and First Weeks

The first few weeks of this program were hectic. There was a lot to get done in a few days. We had to get our resumes and cover letters done. We had to apply for different jobs and then prepare for the interviews. We also had to manage our time as per the interviews. 

Day to Day

There were not any day-to-day assignments. The beginning of the program was hectic but later on, we were given enough time to complete the other assignments for the program. 

Learning and Adaptation

The different assignments throughout the program were a great way to learn and adapt to the new work environment. They were assignments about how to write professional emails and other professional material. There were also assignments about the importance of work-life balance and mental health check-ups. In addition to the material available through the Career Boost program Canvas course, the program coordinator Hanna and Dinesh were always there for all of us to help with anything. It all made the learning experience more fun and memorable.

Accomplishments and Challenges

Before getting into the Career Boost program, I was very anxious about not having professional work experience and not knowing what I want to do after I graduate. In this program, I got to meet so many other students who were going through the same challenges. It helped me to realize that I am not the only one in this situation. This sense of having a community around me helped me to ease my anxiety. Now I have some professional work experience plus a supportive community around me.

Cultural and Environmental Observations

During my work experience, I got the opportunity to learn how different each of us is from one another. We all are from different cultures in one way or the other, and we all have different ways of working. I consider myself very lucky to had the opportunity to work with the SFU Work Integrated Learning's Justice, Equity, and Inclusion team. The work culture of this team was something I was looking for. All the team members were respectful of the differences each of us had, and everyone was there to support each other in every way needed. This is exactly what I think should be the values all workplace cultures should have and I am grateful to have had that experience.

Wrap Up

Overall I think if any international students are considering being part of the Career Boost program then they should definitely do it. Even though work experience is not guaranteed, it is still going to be a journey full of growth and new experiences. The program coordinator is always going to be there to help you with anything. The Career Boost program is no doubt a great opportunity to learn and grow within SFU.

Reflection & Tips
Most Valuable Aspects of This Experience

The most valuable aspect of this experience is that getting involved in this program helps you to build a community around you. The people of this community relate to you and are there to help and support you in many ways.

Connection to Academic Studies or Career Goals

I have always been interested in different aspects of human health and Health Sciences courses has always amazed me by teaching me how vast the health field is. Although I am interested in health science but I have always been at lost in terms of knowing what to do after I graduate. The work experience from the Career Boost program helped me to explore few other aspects of the health like Justice, Equity, and Inclusion. These may not seem as something related to health directly but they do impact the human health in various ways. Thus, this work experience helped me to at least get an idea of what I am looking for my future job after the graduation.

Advice for Future Students

Take full advantage of all the resources the Career Boost program provides. Do not be hesitant to ask for help when you need it. The program coordinator Hanna and all the other program staff are there to help you and not to judge you. You are in great hands. All the best to all future Boosters.


Ekamvir Kaur

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences › Population and Public Health
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Oct 5, 2022