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SFU Student
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Story Faculty

I am in UCM and I lead a small group. My responsibility is gathering students’ information and putting them into small groups so we can hang out together. I joined UCM because I just want to find a community at SFU.

I guess it’s sometimes a bit hard to get the word out that we’re around. We do have tables but it’s a bit hard to get people to know about specific events.

We meet on Tuesday Nights every week and just get to hang out, and read the Bible. Through this club, I found people are a lot more open to religion than you think. People are actually more interested in engaging in that or at least have conversations about that.

UCM helped me to build a lot of unexpected friendships with people and now my friends extend outside the university community. Despite having challenges with getting more people to attend our events I really do think that UCM has helped me to build solid foundations in my faith and it has helped me to really know what I believe.

SFU Student
Bethany Collins is a first year student studying Biology and Archaeology. She is still working on her career path, but is enjoying the ride here at SFU. Travelling, reading and Star Trek are her favourite things.
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Sep 11, 2018