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This blog post was originally published on SFU's Psychology Instagram on 2020, August 14th.

As part of our #sfupsycstories campaign, we will continue sharing unique stories from our alumni, students, faculty, and labs from the Psychology department. We recently spoke with alumnus Mehnaz Thawer, Supervising Associate at Ernst and Young, who had the following advice to share with students: ⁣⁣
"Life is full of surprises and what you know about yourself as an undergrad will change dramatically in a decade or two. Give yourself the compassion and grace to explore the many different ways that you can use your degree. As our world changes due to technology, the need for human sciences is going to be in demand in virtually every field. Take the time to design a life that not only equips you with skills, but closely considers the things and people you value. Life happens while you’re grinding through your degree. Look up once in a while – there are many more opportunities that you haven’t even thought about yet."