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Dave Diary

Dave and his father sit on lounge chairs at the beach. A straw umbrella shades them from the sun.
Advice From My Dad: Make Yourself Irreplaceable

In this entry of Dave's Diary, Dave shares another tidbit from his dad. Read all about how Dave learned to bring value to the workplace in an innovative way.

A partly cloudy sky sprawls above a grassy prairie field.
Discipline Beats Time Management

Could learning discipline be the key to effective time-management? Here's what Dave has to say.

A man looking at a pile of resumes
Unique Resumes – How Far Is Too Far?

Students are consistently hesitant to make their resume “stand out” visually.  It’s seen as a risk – that if one too many steps away from ‘normal’ are taken, the seriousness of the document will be somehow irrevocably compromised.

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