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Brave-Up was a student run blog republished on the OLC with two purposes: to motivate and inspire people to constantly show a better image of themselves and to seek out social norms that are counter productive and insist others to question or challenge them. Jason shows that our mood, performance, and motivation is constantly dampened by the increasing stressors and negativity that fill our environment. Our life is filled with social norms. They control what we do or say in majority of situations. However, there are certain social norms that are more harmful than beneficial for us. Brave-Up wishes to seek those harmful social norms and inform others to challenge and question them.

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Feb 13, 2013
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5 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday
Brave-Up Series

Every day presents you with numerous opportunities to learn and improve yourself. Here are 5 tips to maximize every moment of your day to live your life to the fullest.

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Why Absurd And Illogical Ideas Matter
Brave-Up Series

Einstein glorified human experience as the ultimate knowledge for a very good reason. From a very young age, our brain has been setting up patterns to categorize and organize our experiences. However these patterns, which create many of our societal norms, actually inhibit our creativity. This is where absurd and illogical ideas come in – yes, that person in meetings with "strange" ideas may very well be the next Einstein.

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Top 3 Tips To Motivate Yourself
Brave-Up Series

There are many instances where we have to do things that we hate doing. Because of this, we often do a sloppy job. Learn how to motivate yourself to do something you do not like doing!

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15 Things You Should Keep Doing No Matter What | Part One
Brave-Up Series

As we continue our journey through life, we experience a myriad of events, emotions, and people. Some of these we bump into regularly because of their worth. Here are 15 things you should keep doing no matter what.