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SFU Student Undergraduate
Beedie School of Business › Marketing
Position Title

What organization did you work for and what was your role?

I’m working as a Marketing Intern for AltumView System, a technology start-up company in Vancouver.

Why did you choose a video as a medium to express your learning outcomes?

As a student concentrating in marketing, I also have a passion and interest in content creation and video editing. I feel comfortable being in front of the camera and want to show how my day is as a business co-op student in the most lively way. I also work as a Beedie Content Creator, where I also created a video introducing my day as a co-op student. Therefore, this process is easier and more convenient for me.

How was developing a video useful for your reflection and learning (or not)?

Recording myself working in a day is the most realistic content for reflection. Looking back at it, I not only can tell what I used to do as a marketing intern, but also how much I enjoyed doing those marketing tasks, how I dealt with them, how productive I was in my first Co-op term, and whether I will be able to spend less than a day to finish those same tasks in my second work term or not. For me, there are much more things I can learn through a video than a written report.