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Interview Question Database

Common Q's

These are basic and general questions that may be commonly found in any kind of job interview. If you don't know where to start in preparing for your interview, try practicing with these questions.


These questions are general and applicable in a wide variety of interviews. The interviewer will be asking these to get a better sense of your personality, so be sure to have your answers ready when asked in order to make a good impression.

What extracurricular activities have prepared you for success? How so?

This question is often used to assess your leadership and team-work qualities. It also provides a good indication of your interpersonal and communication skills, time-management skills, reliability, trustworthiness, maturity and self-confidence.

Answer Tips

Answer Tips

Demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a well-rounded individual and that you take a balanced approach to your personal development.

What 3 words would a previous employer use to describe you?

This question has a few layers - it makes you consider your strengths from the employers perspective and is something the interviewer can use to follow up when checking references.

Answer Tips