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Interview Question Database

Information Interviews and Networking Events

What is an "Information Interview"?

An informational interview differs from a traditional interview as it considered to be more of an informal conversation that can provide you with insightful information about a company and its general job prospects. Companies use informational interviews to speak to the potential employees within their candidate pool.

Networking Events


Attending networking events helps you to grow your professional network and create new connections. It is wise to create questions that ask new connections about their education, career path, job responsibilities, working environment, and industry trends.

What hiring process does your organization use?

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Do you hire many SFU students?

This is an excellent icebreaker question. This would be helpful in knowing about the applying and the subsequent hiring process.

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What are some of the memorable experiences you had at work?

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  There is no right or wrong answer to this. This is a grey zone and answer would vary for every individual. However, the key is to analyze some of the potential work expectations.

What recommendations would you give to someone regarding job search strategies?

The people hosting such events are generally experienced in their respective fields, therefore, probe into some of the specific successful approaches and tactics to land your dream job or excel at your current job.

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What kind of books/literacy resources do you recommend for reading?

This question is specific in ways that not everyone is not reading to learn more. However, if you are the kind of person who learns by reading books or/and other literary resources, you can ask this question to keep your learning mind growing.

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Any other opportunities within the field/volunteer groups or organizations I could join to enhance my skills.

Based on their personal experience, the representative or/and alumni can provide you the details of some of the volunteering or shadowing opportunities available at their workplace.

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May I hand in my resume to you?

To get your foot in the door, this is a great way to make a valuable first impression of yourself. The representative would potentially remember you for your rigor and perseverance. Do not forget to follow up on email!

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How can I reach out to you in the future?

For future contact to potentially arrange for an interview or even an informational interview, it’s an effective strategy to take contact information as well as information of where you could find the company online.

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