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SFU Student Services
Student Academic Advisor
SFU Alumni

"I decided to be an academic advisor at SFU because I love helping students. I started off as a Career Peer and I enjoyed having the opportunity to educate and share knowledge that would really benefit the students’ future. I really enjoy having conversations with students about their passions and programs of interest, and as a previous student at SFU, I found that I could relate to their experiences. When it comes to the day to day aspect, my day is never the same! I love the variety of ways we can help students. Most of the time we see students one on one, but we also have LiveHelp, drop-ins, and different workshops for students."

⁣Heather Thom, BA Psychology ’18 (Minor in Counselling & Human Development), works as an Academic Advisor with SFU Student Services⁣. 

This post was originally posted to the SFU Psychology Instagram on July 25, 2019.