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Beedie School of Business
Young Women in Business SFU
Program Manager
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Young Women in Business (YWIB) is a community of creative women who support each other in business and in each other’s various aspirations. I am the program leader of one of the YWIB programs called WISE and every semester we focus on different subject areas such as investing, personal development and finance.

Currently we’re running two workshop series; one on capital markets and one on python and finance because we saw that these were industries were women were under-represented. It’s really exciting getting to run these programs and being able to watch women develop financial and business skills. My team and I plan the workshop series and we also find qualified industry professionals who are passionate about women empowerment and development.

I have learnt so much about myself from volunteering as a program manager at YWIB. I have always been a little shy and I still occasionally get very nervous before an event but having a supportive team and work environment is always very comforting.

I have also had to improve my organizational skills because with school, work and volunteering, it can get overwhelming. But seeing the women who have been a part of the workshop series get progressively better from the beginning of a series to the end of it is so fulfilling and worth all the challenges that may come with this role.

Young Women in Business SFU
Program Manager
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Oct 4, 2019