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I became interested in American Sign Language through a show called Switched at Birth. I wanted to learn the language, and I took 9 months of courses for it at UBC. I wanted somewhere to practice, but there wasn’t really a forum for it, so I created this club for students to learn ASL and communicate together.

The club is doing really well right now; we have over 100 members and everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves. I think one of my most memorable experiences from this position is of our first meeting; everyone had a lot of fun learning and there were a lot of laughs. I think I’ve grown more aware of other cultures now, including Deaf culture. I’m also more confident in comparison to when I first started the club, and I’ve become close with other members. Learning even some basic ASL can really help the Deaf community it’s a really enriched and vibrant culture.

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Oct 20, 2017