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There is a trope that engineering students have no social lives (which can be true), but why not merge your studies with a related club and also make long lasting friendships at the same time! Team Guardian is the unmanned aerial vehicles team and we basically build drones for different projects and competitions.

When I found out about this club at Surrey Clubs Day, I was immediately drawn to it as someone who has always been passionate about engineering and building stuff! I love that in this club, I actually get to learn practical skills, apply the knowledge I get from classes, and also (possibly) make a significant impact in the real world. For example, a project we’re working on is when there are forest fires up north and the firefighters have put down the fires.

We can send our drones above to look for any smoldering hotspots that have potential to start another fire. One of our biggest goals is to do all of this completely autonomously! Not only have I learnt these really cool skills, but I also feel a great sense of community in the club. We dedicate a lot of our time to it, but it’s all worth it because this is our passion. The key to keeping up with my academic work, as well as being in clubs has been time management, and mine has improved so much ever since I started getting involved. I would encourage other students to really work on their time management skills, because then they’ll realize that they actually have time to do what they enjoy as well!

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Apr 17, 2019