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Matthew Wong

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences

Position Title
Experience Faculty
I gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by startup companies and identified areas within the healthcare system that require improvement.
Experience Details
Application and Interview Tips
  • Know the company. It's crucial to enter an interview well-informed about the organization. Familiarize yourself with their goals and objectives by conducting online research through their website, publications, or notable projects.
  • Practice! While you can't anticipate all the questions, you can prepare for common ones. The job posting provides insights into the type of candidate the organization seeks, enabling you to craft suitable answers. Expect to be asked, "Tell me about yourself." Ensure you've prepared a complete and concise answer that packs a punch and kicks off the interview.
  • Don't be afraid. Enlist the help of friends and family to overcome nervousness. Stay composed and allow yourself time to answer the questions confidently.
Introduction + Preparation

Before joining the organization, I familiarized myself with the health systems in use and thoroughly researched the products being offered. I aligned myself with the company's goals to make health more accessible and arrived on my first day prepared and eager to learn.

Previous Experience

Before this position, I worked at Burnaby Hospital as a porter and at a long-term care facility as a COVID screener. My roles involved direct interactions with healthcare professionals, providing me with valuable perspectives upon entering this placement. While my initial knowledge of health systems and electronic records was limited, I was open to exploring this facet of healthcare.

During my Experience
Orientation and First Weeks

During the first week of my placement, I predominantly shadowed team members to understand the processes and products offered. Much of my time was devoted to gathering credentials and setting up accounts required for work purposes. I familiarized myself with remote workspaces, learning the terminology and processes essential for effective communication and collaboration.

Day to Day

On a daily basis, I logged in to review various channels, catching up on changes that occurred while I was offline, and checked my calendar to review scheduled meetings. Subsequently, I managed my inbox, addressing new and pending tickets. Typically, my day comprised a blend of working on significant clinic projects and addressing incoming tickets. Team meetings were a regular occurrence, serving as a platform for project updates, task assignments, and discussions about ongoing and upcoming work for the week. Additionally, we had company-wide meetings that provided a broader overview of the company's direction and outlined specific departmental goals.

Learning and Adaptation

Adjusting to remote work initially posed challenges, particularly in seeking guidance when needed. At first, I hesitated to ask for assistance, not wanting to burden my team members or feel like an outsider. However, with time, I grew more comfortable within the team, fostering easier communication and collaboration online.

I also honed my time management skills significantly. Balancing multiple clinics simultaneously for successful launches and maintaining communication across various contacts became a crucial part of my role. This involved organizing schedules and setting reminders to ensure I stayed on top of ongoing projects without overlooking any tasks.

In my role, clinics and patients presented various issues, necessitating a deep understanding of our products to offer tailored solutions. Crafting solutions involved creativity as each fix varied based on the clinic's unique workflows, demanding us to devise innovative solutions that addressed their specific needs.

Accomplishments and Challenges

Throughout my placement, my greatest accomplishments revolved around successfully onboarding and launching numerous clinics with Cortico. Over time, I streamlined the onboarding process, reducing the time it took for clinics to transition from onboarding to a live state. This allowed me to adeptly set up and manage communication channels with clinics, marking significant progress and growth in my role.

While I faced challenges in mastering the intricacies of our products and customizing our systems within a limited timeframe, I overcame these hurdles by diligently studying procedures and examining past cases to derive solutions to issues. I wasn't hesitant to seek assistance from my team members, yet I developed a strong proficiency in independent problem-solving.

Reflection & Tips

Overall, my experience at Cortico was challenging but incredibly enlightening, offering me new perspectives and opportunities. I gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by startup companies and identified areas within the healthcare system that require improvement. The team and colleagues at Cortico were welcoming and committed to the collective goal of making healthcare more accessible.