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GlobalCast Banner Image: Episode 8
Three SFU International students share their experiences during the pandemic.

Episode Description

In our 8th episode, Jhanvi, Yse and Pranjali talk about their university experience during the pandemic. In this candid chat, they talk about different experiences as international students: how it felt to be away from home, and also the different skills and learnings they gained.

You can listen to this podcast or watch on YouTube.

00:00-03:50 Introduction & Meet the Guests

03:51-10:04 Going from Remote to In-Person

10:05-18:46 Rediscovering Yourself Remotely

18:47-20:27 Resources & Wrap Up

Originally published on December 24, 2021 on the SFU GlobalCast website.

Participants and Contributors

Yse (she/her) is a Volunteers and Events Coordinators at International Services for Students (ISS).

Jhanvi (she/her) is a community advisor and an International student studying economics, transferred from FIC. 


Pranjali (she/her) is a second year international study at SFU.

Beyond the Podcast