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Nazanin Boroumandzad

SFU Student Undergraduate
Communication, Art + Technology › Interactive Arts + Technology › Interactive Systems
Local Co-op, Career Peers
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As a second-degree student with years of experience, I was tired of being rejected. I was tired of my role as a passive applicant who sent identical resumes and cover letters to numerous employers with little to no result. I would cross my fingers for a job interview only to feel like a failure right from the beginning. After conversing with other technical students, I knew that this was a tough subject for people that were going through similar situations. People who knew they had valuable knowledge but struggled to show it to employers. Because of this, I decided to learn more about communication skills, expand my knowledge, share my experience with other students, and give back to the student community by becoming an SFU Career Peer. 

The process of becoming a Career Peer was like any other job application in terms of sending the resume/ cover letter and passing the interview. We filled an entire semester with weekly meetings, going through the canvas course, and finally passing the flight test to be approved by a senior career peer. I am now able to efficiently provide feedback for things such as resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. This gives me the opportunity to help people that are seeking work to properly communicate their technical skills through these documents. As a career peer, I look from a communicational and technical lens to provide feedback and support. My goal is to allow fellow technical students to effectively communicate their technical skills to various employers and guide them in their pursuit of new career endeavors.

  • Nazanin Boroumandzad Nov 3, 2021
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