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Communication, Art + Technology
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I joined the Passion Club as a Speaker Coordinator, and my duty was to invite speakers to our conferences.

The club really liked my performance, so they decided make me an Event Coordinator. The most recent event we had was the Ignite Your Passion Conference, where we had 6 speakers talk about their different careers. Booking the dates for speakers is the hardest part of putting together this kind of event.

I had to figure out what kind of speakers I needed, since there had to be an equal number of speakers from each field – Arts, Sciences, and Law for example. Eventually, I figured it out pretty nicely with help from my friends and team members. The day of the event was so exciting, because there were so many students present even though it was summer!

Summer is usually when people have fun, but instead they came to our conference, and they stayed the whole day to talk to different leaders and get their business cards. They were so interested in what we offered. All the speakers really wanted to talk to students to help us understand their passions.

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Feb 5, 2018