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Position Title

Being an international student, I found that it was a bit difficult to make friends when I first came here. So I started volunteering for FIC ACT (Fraser International College Awareness Campaign Team). When I went to the training for it, I met different people from all kinds of places with different ethnicities and nationalities. They were all international students just like me. I found that the more I volunteered, the more people I met and the more relationships I created with people.

There were volunteers who really helped me get on my path when I first arrived here, so it felt good giving back. I’d say my biggest challenge has been listening to student’s problems, because each person is dealing with a different kind of situation. I’ve realized that once I show them my own experiences, they don’t feel as alone or isolated. Once they open up, we can identify what’s actually going on and help them out. I believe that if I didn’t volunteer with FIC Act, I wouldn’t have the maturity and the experiences I’ve got now. The club has played a major role in my growth.