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Position Title

During Co-op recruit I was able to land a placement with my firm of choice MNP LLP in the International Tax Services division. MNP stood out to me among all the other firms because of the variety of services they provide, as well as their corporate culture and structure.

My first term at MNP has been my first experience in a public practice accounting firm during a busy season. While I had my anxieties about the expectations and work hours, I was met with a supportive and encouraging work environment that pushed me and the other Co-op students to succeed. On a technical level, I have learned a lot about  how tax works in practice but observing and interacting with my colleagues in the workplace has allowed me to see how my seniors work with clients which is something that I will try to emulate in my interactions going forward.  

The strong and supportive workplace at MNP has really pushed me to develop and grow professionally and I can safely say this has been one of the most positive, impactful and transformative experiences in my undergrad thus far.

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Oct 3, 2019