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Firm Kongthong

SFU Student Undergraduate
Communication, Art + Technology › Interactive Arts + Technology › Design
Co-operative Education › Local Co-op

Experience Details
Introduction + Preparation
Previous Experience

Previously, I had experienced working on Co-op work terms as a Design and Multi-Media Associate and a Visual Designer before. However, those experiences left me questioning, “Is there more that will challenge me and make me a stronger, multi-skilled candidate for future job searching?” That led me to try out a position based on another skill I have: video editing.

During my Experience
Day to Day

Currently, I am working at Jostle Corporation as their Video Content Creator & Editor, where I create content and edit videos to support customers throughout their experience with Jostle. With my previous experience with video-editing through my hobby and class projects, it was scary to create professional videos for this company.

This opportunity connects me with various stakeholders in the company (aka different roles) to get a variety of inputs on the work I am planning to do. I work closely with both the Customer Operation and Design teams. I would like to give a big shout-out to my supervisors and co-workers for their support any help and feedback along the way so far.

Learning and Adaptation

Once I was in the role, I still didn't want to throw away my passion for design, especially my interest in product design. With such an open-environment work culture, I communicated with my supervisor right from the interview day about this interest in product design - hoping to explore it a little bit.

Throughout the first couple of months, I showed my team that I can work and explore challenging projects. I joined the Design team’s weekly crit sessions to learn about their working style, as well as with meeting up with my supervisor weekly and my team daily. After a month of working and receiving an extension of my position, the hard work has paid off! I am now working on a product design project, alongside an Intermediate Product Designer!

Accomplishments and Challenges
Projects I have done so far:


  • I have created 4 (and more to come) videos for Jostle Support Centre where the customers can learn about each feature or view of the platform. These videos are more on the customer-facing side of the platform.
  • There are future projects for me to update the product videos on the corporation’s website regarding our product and other videos regarding customer product marketing. These videos are going to be abstract, to create contrast in terms of the marketing value we are trying to present.

Product Design

  • Currently, I am working with an Intermediate Product Designer and Development team on improving the Setting page, which is a part of the dark mode implementation project of the platform.
Reflection & Tips
Advice for Future Students

With my passion for design and video, I worked hard to prove to myself and others in the corporation that “I CAN DO THIS”. Learn to be excited about every moment, both good and bad experiences, and communicate to your team what you want to do or try. Trust me, you will surprise yourself more than you think.