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Calista Alex

Calista Alex

SFU Student Undergraduate
Communication, Art + Technology › Interactive Arts + Technology › Design
Co-operative Education › Local Co-op, Co-operative Education › International Co-op

Working as a Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Nano One Materials, I gained valuable insights into the significance of external communication channels, including engagement with stakeholders and government entities, in effectively conveying the company's message to shareholders. This experience underscored the pivotal role of design in strategically aligning with and fulfilling overarching business objectives.
Experience Details
Application and Interview Tips
Introduction + Preparation

Nano One Materials is an environmentally-conscious technology company, equipped with patented and scalable industrial methodologies designed to transform the manufacturing of CAM for lithium-ion batteries. In preparation for the role, I acquainted myself with Nano One's core values and target audience to understand the company's communication goals. Furthermore, I cultivated interpersonal abilities to foster teamwork within our internal Communications team and to interact effectively with external stakeholders.

Previous Experience

Before assuming my current role, my exposure to digital marketing was somewhat limited. However, I took the initiative to self-train in basic social media analytics and SEO for personal use and rudimentary social media tasks. My primary expertise lies in design, which I have obtained through two previous Co-op work terms. During these experiences, I served as a UX Designer at Intersystem Controls Inc. and as a Product Designer at PT. ALTRAMAN.

Preparation Tips for Future Students

To future students, I suggest showcasing a diverse skill set and a passion for learning. It's important to realize that it is okay not to have all the answers right away. Even if you lack certain knowledge initially, showing a willingness and enthusiasm to learn is a crucial quality for achieving success in your career.

During my Experience
Orientation and First Weeks

During orientation, I had the opportunity to tour Nano One's research labs and facilities. This experience provided me with a deeper understanding of the company's operations, fostering a profound appreciation for its endeavors. Witnessing firsthand the company's commitment to sustainability and ambitious aspirations, I realized its intrinsic value at its core. Observing the coordinated efforts of every facet, I gained insight into how the company has evolved into its present form. I loved every bit of it!

Day to Day

Within the realm of my responsibilities as a remote Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator, my day unfolds with a combination of engaging tasks. From writing compelling copy and designing captivating visual graphics for social media post to delving into the intricate world of analytics, my routine is a mix blend of creativity and strategic insight. 

My mornings start with checking emails and reviewing the day's plan. Weekly team meetings are lively occasions for sharing ideas and collaborating. I also value the one-on-one sessions with my supervisor for guidance. As I navigate through projects, I embrace the flexibility to initiate independent tasks and collaborate with our Communications team to seek approval for dissemination among shareholders, orchestrating larger-scale initiatives from inception to completion. In this dynamic landscape, I believe every task enriches Nano One's collective journey of innovation and impact within the lithium-ion battery sector. 

Learning and Adaptation

Originating from a design background with minimal exposure to marketing, I embarked on a journey of learning and adaptation to acquaint myself with MailChimp. Our utilization of MailChimp centers around email marketing, particularly for disseminating News Releases and the NanoGram Newsletter targeted at stakeholders. Additionally, I have improved my skills in synthesizing analytics using professional tools, such as Meltwater and Google Analytics.

Nano One operates within the niche market of lithium-ion batteries. Upon assuming my role, I dedicated myself to thoroughly understanding both the market dynamics and the company's product offerings. Immersed in this niche market, I delved deeply into the intricacies of various lithium-ion chemistries and production processes.

Accomplishments and Challenges

In my position, I've honed several essential skills that have contributed to our marketing successes. Firstly, I've crafted compelling copy and developed visually striking graphics for our social media posts. This blend of creativity and strategic thinking has significantly boosted our brand presence and sparked meaningful engagement with our audience. My adeptness in analytics has been a tool in guiding our decision-making processes and fine-tuning our marketing strategies for optimal results. Additionally, I've showcased adaptability in project management, balancing independent responsibilities while also collaborating within our Communications team. This adaptability guarantees the smooth and efficient execution of our initiatives.

Cultural and Environmental Observations

The environment at Nano One is defined by a culture of mutual respect and support among team members. From the initial interview through orientation, the HR team has consistently provided unwavering assistance. My supervisor and Communications Manager at Nano One stands out for their exceptional qualities; not only do they take pleasure in mentoring me, but they also foster an environment where sharing ideas with the team is encouraged!

Wrap Up

Nano One is truly exceptional, both in its internal workings and external reputation. Its values are not only commendable but also contagious, influencing me and fellow team members as we unite under a shared objective. Working alongside the Communications team, I have been consistently impressed by their dedication and effectiveness in engaging with shareholders. Through this experience, I've gained invaluable insights into the complexities of digital marketing and communications, particularly within the context of a publicly traded company.

Reflection & Tips

During my position as a Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Nano One, I have gained profound insights into the pivotal significance of external communication channels. Engaging with stakeholders and government entities has underscored the vital role these channels play in effectively disseminating the company's message to shareholders. This experience has accentuated the indispensable nature of design in aligning with and attaining overarching business objectives. I've come to appreciate the significance of understanding the company's tone and objectives when crafting both copywriting and visual graphics, with adherence to the protocols of a publicly traded entity being paramount. Furthermore, I've realized the immense value of having a supportive mentor who is willing to impart their knowledge, as it has been instrumental in my professional development and growth.

Most Valuable Aspects of This Experience

The most significant facets of this experience are likely centered around obtaining insight into operating within a publicly traded company in communications, where every move holds considerable weight owing to its influence on external communications. I now grasp the significance of every piece of copywriting and visual graphic I create, acknowledging the substantial effect even a solitary post can wield.


Calista Alex

Calista Alex

SFU Student Undergraduate
Communication, Art + Technology › Interactive Arts + Technology › Design
Co-operative Education › Local Co-op, Co-operative Education › International Co-op

As a multi-disciplinary designer, I thrive on developing products with a keen eye for functional design.

My passion lies in conceiving digital products from scratch, tailoring each project to cater to specific niche markets. My ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between niche demands and functionality, ensuring seamless connections through my work.

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Apr 18, 2024