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SFU Experiences

SFU Experiences

There are many ways to extend your learning while at SFU. Students share reflections on their experiences along with tips & strategies.

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I never really understood how much an exchange trip could change my perspective on myself and the world around me until I studied at Tsinghua University.
The study abroad program broadened my academic, social, and cultural perspectives, enhancing my values and intercultural understanding through comparison and contrast.
One thing I would advise anyone who wants to apply for an international co-op abroad is to just do it! Even when it sounds big and scary I have to tell you that the scariest thing is not to do it. Trust me, you’ll come back so much richer from the amazing experiences you’ll get.
Studying abroad for a semester at the University of Glasgow has been one of the best decisions I have made for my personal growth and development. It was not an easy process, but it has been rewarding in so many ways, and I am excited to return to SFU feeling inspired and with a fresh perspective.
Studying abroad was a truly indescribable, fulfilling experience where I have gained knowledge, created memories, and gone through experiences I will remember and cherish for years. I've learned more about the world and about myself.
My study abroad journey in Sweden was not only insightful and life-changing, but truly amazing. Making the most of the opportunity, I travelled across Europe by train, immersing myself in 15 distinct countries, savoring diverse foods, connecting with people, embracing various cultures, and appreciating unique lifestyles.

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SFU offers many Experiential Learning Opportunities for students. A core element of these opportunities is the try something new, extend your learning and take some risks. The Experience tool provides a Q & A format and structure for students to reflect and share their entire story from preparation, to training, during the experience and what happens next. With Experiences, you will surely get the whole story, leaving you with a deeper insight on prospective work, volunteer, and academic opportunities! Are you ready to Experience something new?

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